Available for Adoption


Lilly– This girl is  a fantastic lesson horse for beginner youths.  She has some dressage training under her belt and has been in the show ring.

Glittering Par- Par is a retired racehorse and grandson of secretariat. He has navicular so he is only eligible to go to a home where he will be a pasture pet. He loves to be around people and enjoys posing for the camera


Bella is a 13y/o Missouri Fox Trotter. She is 14’2 and solid. Prior to her arrival at Healing Hearts she was more a pasture ornament than a riding partner but in her earlier years she was used for trail riding and exposed to a lot of miles! She was not able to be cared for any longer by her previous owners and is looking for her forever home. She is a gentle and willing girl who will make someone, who is willing to put some time on her a very nice trail partner!


Admiral- This 13 year old Double Registered Arabian Gelding is green broke. He is headed to the trainer soon to learn some more skills. He is very quiet under saddle.


Winkle-  This 14 year old Welsh x Pony. She is broke to ride

Ivy- 1 year old Mini Pony.  Loves to give kisses and is trained to lead.


Charlie Horse-  This 13 y/o paint  mare has some mild lameness but can be used for light riding by a light rider. She  does great with kids.

Honey- Good sized Quarter Horse. Just finished with the trainer. Ready for her forever home


Leotie-2 year old Philly rescued from a life of neglect in one of North Americas biggest Seizures. She is extremely friendly and loves to be scratched. She is doing well with socialization and lets you pick up a feet. We have even gotten a halter on her and are working on leading.
She is very likely bred as well