How to Adopt


If you are interested in adopting, please follow these steps

  1. Call or email to schedule an appointment to meet/ride the horse that you are interested in adopting. We encourage adopters to take their time, as the interaction is an opportunity to observe the compatibility of both horse and rider. Please be certain you are committed to your appointment time, and are seriously interested in the horse you wish to meet. We are staffed by a very small volunteer base, all of which also work full-time and have families to maintain! We would be happy to schedule additional appointments before adoption to ensure compatibility between horse and rider.
  2. If the adopter and the horse are compatible, an Adoption Application must be completed and returned to Healing Hearts. Applications will not be accepted if the adopter has not been evaluated with the horse, or if the prospective adopter was not found suitable for the horse.  
  3. Once the Adoption Application has been received, Healing Hearts will contact the references provided and may schedule a visit to the facility where the horse will be kept. It is acceptable for an adopted horse to be boarded, providing the facilities and care are adequate.
  4. A copy of the Adoption Contract will be given to the Adoptive family to review. The terms of Adoption are explored in detail in this Contract.
  5. Upon a final decision, the Adoption Contract must be signed by both parties, and all Adoption fees must be paid in full. The $250 Application Fee is non-refundable, however is considered a donation to our 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Additional Adoption Fees for individual horses are refundable if the horse is returned to Healing Hearts within the 60 day trial period.