Healing Hearts is funded solely through grants, donor support, and adoption fees; a sponsor can go a long way towards keeping our doors open and our hay barn full. It can cost as much as $3000 a month just to feed the horses in our care. In addition there are farrier fees, vet fees, electricity bills, mechanic fees to keep our truck, trailer, and tractor running, plus many necessary additional items, such as medications, to be paid for.

Healing Hearts has no paid staff and is completely volunteer run, so you know your funds are going exactly where they belong- to the horses.

Sponsorships can be a one time donation or may continue until the horse you are sponsoring is adopted. We offer several levels of sponsorship:


  • Diamond Sponsor: $200/month covers ALL care -vet, farrier, feed, and shelter
  • Gold Sponsor: $150/month covers feed, shelter, and basic vet care
  • Silver Sponsor: $100/month covers grain and hay
  • Bronze Sponsor: $50/month covers grain only
  • Basic Sponsor: $25/month covers a portion of feed costs



Sponsors not only directly support their favorite horse, but are also given first right to apply to adopt that horse. Although, Healing Hearts can not “hold” a horse for a sponsor who is not yet ready to adopt. Of course, we always welcome and encourage sponsors to visit and spend time interacting with “their” horse.

How Do I Sponsor a Particular Horse?

If a horse is listed as needing a sponsor, you can donate the Sponsorship amount you desire via PayPal, noting the donation is for a specific horse. We will contact you via email to confirm that we received the sponsorship. We will also verify if you wish for your gift to be recognized on the website before posting your name. Please note that sponsorships are set to occur monthly over the course of a year. If you would like to make a one time donation please visit our donation page.

                                                           Who do you want to Sponsor?

Additionally, sponsorship donations can be mailed to the rescue at:
Healing Hearts with Horses
149 35th Pl.
Runnells, IA 50237