Thank You

Healing Hearts with Horses would not be able to continue to heal kids or horses without generous grants and donations from caring individuals and businesses. Here, we would like to acknowledge and thank all of those who have previously and continue to donate to Healing Hearts with Horses. Thank you for allowing us to spend one more day helping and healing horses and kids, together, in one place!



Bill & Mary Young                                                                              Adam Geneser
Morgan Endicott                                                                               Elaine Stanley
Tina Fleming                                                                                      Green Horse Organics
Rozendall Tiling                                                                                Bill & Jean Pherigo
Pam Heckman                                                                                   Kirk & Bridta Dimler
Karen Hawkins in memory of her Mother
Lois Dewaard in memory of her father Ray Ryerkerk



Bill & Mary Young                                                                                          Valerie Owens
Morgan Endicott                                                                                            Ann B Gee
ASPCA                                                                                                                Green Horse Organics
Kate Braumann                                                                                              Basil & Dawson
Rozendall Tiling                                                                                             Bill & Jean Pherigo
Pam Heckman                                                                                                Kirk & Bridta Dimler
I2Tech                                                                                                                 Lorrine Underwood
Tim & Jana Ernst                                                                                           Barb Simpkins
Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church                                               Jill Polk
Sheri Vermeer                                                                                                EquiSpa
Karen Hawkins in memory of her Mother
Lois Dewaard in memory of her father Ray Ryerkerk


Previous Donations

Royal Neighbors of America                                                                    Casey’s
Morgan Endicott                                                                                           Ann B Gee
ASPCA                                                                                                               Green Horse Organics
Kate Braumann                                                                                            Basil & Dawson
Prairie Meadows                                                                                          Fareway
Pam Heckman                                                                                              US Bank, Ottumwa
I2Tech                                                                                                               EquiSpa                                Lois Dewaard in memory of her father Ray Ryerkerk
Warren County Quarter Horse Association