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Thank you ASPCA, Prairie Meadows

From the depths of our hearts, Healing Hearts with Horses and our affiliates would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank both ASPCA and Prairie Meadows. In 2012 ASPCA generously awarded Healing Hearts with a $2500 Hay Bale Out grant. Has a grant ever been more appropriately named? For Healing Hearts this was indeed a “Hay Bale Out”!

Prairie Meadows also aided Healing Hearts in 2012, awarding us a $2500 Helping Horses Helping Kids grant. What could be better for the principles and program responsible for the foundation and continuation of Healing Hearts? This grant has allowed us to continue to do what we do best . . . heal kids and horses, together, in one loving, forgiving, and special place.

Without these sincere donations from both ASPCA and Prairie Meadows, Healing Hearts would not have been able to do the things we’ve done, fed the horses we’ve fed, healed the children we’ve healed, in 2012. Thank you, ASPCA, Prairie Meadows, from the horses, kids, volunteers, and staff at Healing Hearts with Horses!

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